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The World In Peril

It was believed that the world would last forever,

but low and behold, destruction comes, earth groans.

Nature cries, “It is enough, how much longer O Lord?

The reply came, in just a little while, all will be done.

Earth rumbles, wind blows strongly, and sea rises high.

Diseases fills the land, fear grips the people, they panic.

Evil, wickedness, immorality, drugs, greed, fills the earth.

Love, mercy, kindness, patience, goodness, all forsaken.

The end is at hand, people are not ready, it is the last days.

Soon Jesus will arrive, with myriads of angels in glory.

Salvation comes, pain, heartache, sorrow, woe, are ended.

Sin and death destroyed, no more victims for the grave.

Get Ready To Meet Jesus, Do not Lose Your Soul.

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