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There Is More To Life Than Work And Play

Life is beautiful, when it is lived with love, toward each other.

Love is a powerful weapon; it is kind, forgiving, and cares.

When love is the central part of your life, you are happy.

Amazing love, O how sweet, O so sweet, is the name of love.

Love works wonders in the life of all, who makes it their duty.

Lack of love in the home, can make life bitter, for the sufferer.

Taste the beauty of love for it is most precious and beautiful.

Without true love in a person’s life, what future will they have?

The power of love is so great, that God gave humanity, His Son.

Jesus willingly gave His life for us; else all would perish.

This is what love did for humanity, it gave hope and life.

For God So Loved The World, That He gave Us His Only Son.

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