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Will You Come With Me?

I am going home, but I need many friends to come with me.

I am travelling by land, sea, sky, and online here with you.

Come, travel with me to the land where only happiness reigns.

I am inviting you to take the road of travel, to which I am

Travelling on.

Read the Book I read, the Book of Truth and knowledge.

The road I am travelling on, is one of light, the light of glory.

You will see clearly there, for its light shines brightly.

Come, fear not, because where I’m travelling to, is eternal


I am in a hurry for friends to come with me, so, come quickly.

A merciful and great Friend, await us, at the end of the journey.

The road may be long and hard, but the reward is great, it is life.

So, will you come with me to meet your Lord, He waits for you.

There Is Only Safety, Peace, And Life, In Christ.

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