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Below you will find some interesting Christian articles written by founder Veronique Belmar for Ezines. Please be aware that you can click on the titles in order to read the full Ezine articles which will open up in a new window.

Long ago the earth was beautiful to behold but as time went by its beauty slowly began disappearing. Throughout the centuries the earth has been crying out to give it rest but its cries have not been heard. In rebellion it spews out mud killing thousands, its snowy mountains are melting and its waters rising. Earth's pollution is destroying the ozone layer preventing the protection of living things from harmful radiation of the sun.

Over 200 million people world-wide chew areca nuts. This practice of chewing areca nuts is commonly found in central, southern and south-east Asia. The habit of chewing areca nuts is now emerging in Western countries.

Beware of appetite and don't debase yourselves because of it. Be temperate in what you eat and in what you drink or become a glutton and a drunkard. Gluttony and drunkenness numbs the moral sensibility to such an extent that crime and wickedness becomes a delight. Good principles no longer exist as a result of eating and drinking to excess.

You have one body and one life, treat it badly and reap the harvest of sorrows, sickness, diseased, pain, unhappiness and low self-esteem. Will you be able to purchase a new body when wrecked with disease? Is careless or ignorance a victor over your life? Is it not better to have a healthy body than a diseased one? You are not too old or too young to change your lifestyle!

Long ago the earth was the most beautiful thing you ever did see. In fact, one of its most beautiful gardens was taken up to heaven when sin invaded the earth. Initially, the earth was void with no form. There was only water and darkness. However, there was a great man who, with two others, planned to make the earth a beautiful place in which to live. They planned to make a world free of pain, sorrows and death.

The streets are crowded, the shops are thriving, clubs filled with delights and pleasure. Immorality became the thing of the past and worldly pleasures took control. The sun shone, the rain poured, the wind blew, the lightning struck, the thunder roared, the earth quaked and the people rolled. A black cloud appeared in the sky as small as a man's hand, but it got bigger and brighter until the light filled the whole sky.

It was thrown in the streets, the highways and byways. Yes, the silver, the gold, the diamonds, the dollars, the pound notes and other currencies. No! No! Too late! Too late! We cannot use it now! Pestilence, disasters, disease, plagues, heat, cold, floods fire, and earthquake are all around us. Angels, horses, chariots and a king are all visible in the sky. The noisy trumpets are sounding loudly, the sky is rolled back and the heaven is on fire, what use is money to us now?

Plagues, Plagues and Plagues Everywhere! He ceases his intercession in the sanctuary. His wrath is kindled against those who worshipped the beast, his image, and had his mark. Plagues are poured out on the people, some with sores all over their bodies, while others had no water to drink or to wash because the sea turned into thick blood. The rivers and fountains also flowed with blood. The sun plagued the people with its scourging heat. Darkness filled the beast's kingdom. In fact, the plague of darkness was so thick the people gnawed their tongues in pain.

God knew that sin and evil would be destroyed one day, so He gave king Nebuchadnezzar a dream thousands of years ago in relation to world events and the apocalyptic. The image that the king saw in his dream was great in SPLENDOUR, and had an AWESOME shape. Its head was made of gold, its chest and arms were of silver, its belly and thighs of bronze, its legs were of iron, and its feet were mixed with iron and clay.

Happened All in One Day He was rich and need of nothing and had many children, servants, and animals. But one day this wealthy man was horror stricken! He was informed by servants that his oxen, donkeys, and camels had been raided by the Sabeans and his servants killed with the sword. On the same day he was informed that the fire of God had burned up his sheep and killed his servants. Worst of all the news came that a great wind came from across the wilderness and struck the four corners of his eldest son?s house while his sons and daughters were eating and drinking, the house fell on the young people and they were killed. The rich man had not been given a chance to mourn his loss on the day disaster struck!

Weeping Messengers They protected and cared for the people but they were scorned and ignored, reported the messengers daily to their Commander. Often, their eyes were filled with tears as they complained to their leader about their disappointment in the people. Yet, they found joy in those who accepted and appreciated their work. The Commander ordered his messengers to place a seal in the foreheads of those who accepted their work and to slay those who had rejected it, and to release the four winds. Then, a cry went out for mercy saying? My blood! My blood! My blood and the messengers were commanded to hold back the winds of strife and to let them go slowly.

Paid With Their Lives They stood up for right, but paid with their lives. Soldiers came barging into their homes, pulled and dragged them out of their houses; then, taken to the dungeon of no return, where they were scourged and tortured. They heard the sound of wild beasts from the dungeon and knew that their fate was sure! Their children were dashed into piece before their eyes. Pregnant women?s abdomens are cut opened by the sword, and the stake is flamed with their lived bodies. The doors of hell unleashed its furry against them.

Fire ablaze everywhere, furious, violent and destructive. Mountains and valleys flee away, the sea turns to blood and become as thick as the blood of a dead person, the earth reels like that of a drunkard, going to and throw and from side to side. Loud screams are head from every corner of the globe. A dark cloud appears in the sky, small as a man's hand, and then gets bigger and bigger! The sky is rolled back like a scroll, when it is rolled together. Trumpet sounds so loud that it woke up the dead from their dusty grave.

People went about their daily routine unaware that an earthquake or Tsunami was about to strike. Mothers walked their children to school, fathers kissed their wives and children goodbye as they left for work, unaware that this was their last and that their worst nightmare was about to begin. Everything seemed normal. There was no indication or warning that the capital of Lisbon was about to be swallowed up into history.

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