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Body Rejection

I tried to tell you that you are clogging me up.

You feed and feed me, with too much food.

How am I to cope with all this food daily?

I am weary, begging you to stop this death of woe.

After your meal, you wash the food down with a drink.

Drinking fluid soon after eating, is my soon coming death.

I do not want to be sick, so, why, are you making it happen?

You give me indigestion, I cannot sleep, my stomach hurts.

How am I to stay healthy if you do not take care of me?

Yes, I am strong, but one day I will get sick, what then?

Do not treat me so badly, I do not deserve this abuse.

I am your stomach, keeping you alive, so, treat me well.

I Weep Daily, Cry For Help, But You Listened Not To Me, So Now I Am Sick!

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