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"Understanding World Events In The Light of Biblical Prophecy" is an informative guide helping you to understand world events. It covers a mysterious dream of a King, and a man who seen four strange beasts coming up from the sea.


The King views a majestic image with an awesome shape which has a golden head, chest and arms of silver, a belly and thighs of bronze, iron legs, and feet mixed with iron and clay.  Suddenly, he sees a great stone smashed at the feet of the image and the stone becomes a great mountain and fills the whole earth.  The King, afraid, sends for his magicians, astrologers and sorcerers to interpret the dream but they cannot do so, and so he commands that they should be killed.


Later on, the man named Daniel sees strange animals coming up from the sea. He sees a lion with eagle’s wings, a bear with three ribs in its mouth, a leopard with four wings and four heads, and a horrific beast with iron teeth, nails of bronze, ten horns, and a little horn with eyes and a mouth speaking blasphemous words. A ram and a male goat appear. The ram has two horns and takes no nonsense from anyone, but the male goat is having none of it and becomes so angry that he crosses the whole earth without touching the ground. He comes to the ram and breaks off his horns. Michael comes with might and sorts them all out.


Understanding World Events in the Light of Biblical Prophecy

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