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Your wake up call for life or death!

The Nations are Angry. No escape for friend or foe. The last beast has begun to shake the world with terror and the rulers of earth are shaken because of the coming doom. So don't be fooled by peace treaties. The last beast is in occupancy now and no power on earth can stop his reign of destruction.


"Understanding World Events In The Light Of Biblical Prophecy"


The Image

This book has been written especially for you, whether you are an adult or young person. It is written so that you will know and understand why so many disasters, diseases, crimes, sickness, sorrows, children disobeying their parents, suicide, and so many other things occurring in our world today.

The book informs and interprets: the golden head of the image, the breast of silver, thighs of brass, legs of iron, and feet of iron and clay.

The Beasts

The book further informs the reader of how the beasts destroyed, conquered, and ate the flesh of those who opposed them.

Other Beasts

You will discover how a ram with two horns and a male goat with a prominent horn, also walked into the centuries of time and one of them attacked in such a rage that no one was able to deliver its victim out of his hand.

The Angel Gabriel

The book tells of how the angel Gabriel got involved in these beastly affairs, and of how one of the beasts used its power against the God of heaven.

Christ Defends his People

You will also discover how Christ defends those who stood for the right and obeyed his voice; and about the first and second resurrection.
Learn more:

  • Learn why God saw the need to inform us of the world's coming doom.
  • Discover why He saw it fitting to use an image and beasts to predict the troubles that would invade earth.
  • Why are the nations angry?
  • Discover the meaning of the wings of the lion and the Wings of the leopard.
  • Discover what the horns and iron teeth of the beast means.
  • Discover why God sees it necessary to put an end to the misery of the human race.
  • Discover what will happen to most people at the time when the sky will be ablaze.
  • Learn what will happen to all the kingdoms of the earth.
  • Discover why the man who was given the prophecies was told to shut up the words and seal the book.


"Understanding World Events In The Light Of Biblical Prophecy", by Veronique Belmar, has been a Long Lost Book but was Found in the 21st Century.  It reveals the shocking truths about the Apocalyptic.

The book was on demand long before it was even published on the Internet. Those who head of it asked for a copy when it was completed.  Hope you will see the need and urgency of the book as others did.

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"Understanding World Events In The Light of Biblical Prophecy" is an informative guide helping you to understand world events. It covers a mysterious dream of a King, and a man who seen four strange beasts coming up from the sea.

The King views a majestic image with an awesome shape which has a golden head, chest and arms of silver, a belly and thighs of bronze, iron legs, and feet mixed with iron and clay.  Suddenly, he sees a great stone smashed at the feet of the image and the stone becomes a great mountain and fills the whole earth.  The King, afraid, sends for his magicians, astrologers and sorcerers to interpret the dream but they cannot do so, and so he commands that they should be killed.

Later on, the man named Daniel sees strange animals coming up from the sea. He sees a lion with eagle’s wings, a bear with three ribs in its mouth, a leopard with four wings and four heads, and a horrific beast with iron teeth, nails of bronze, ten horns, and a little horn with eyes and a mouth speaking blasphemous words. A ram and a male goat appear. The ram has two horns and takes no nonsense from anyone, but the male goat is having none of it and becomes so angry that he crosses the whole earth without touching the ground. He comes to the ram and breaks off his horns. Michael comes with might and sorts them all out.

The information gained from this book is priceless

Understanding World Events In The Light Of Biblical Prophecy is very rare and almost impossible to find; and because it is specifically written to help change lives, the purchase price for this priceless book is only £9.99 (Electronic Copy), and £11.99 + Postage (Hard Copy).

To publish this type of literature requires lots of research, dedication, commitment and years of study.

This priceless book has not been published in order to gain wealth or earthly riches, it has been written and published so that you can have the joy, peace, hope, happiness, and love that you long for.

I encourage that you purchase the book because troubled times are here with us.

If you choose to order the electronic copy of the book:  Understanding World Events In The Light Of Biblical Prophecy, it will be available for you to download as soon as your order is placed.

Your destiny is at stake so don't put off your purchase because you and I are well aware that action is the only way forward, especially, if it's a life or death situation.

The next step is yours to take if you so desire and if so...

Click the button below to place your order!  Thanks for doing so!

Understanding World Events in the Light of Biblical Prophecy

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