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Tree of Immortality reveals how the supernatural is ready to claim the souls of children and adults. Three young people go into a barn only to find themselves in grave danger after falling asleep. On waking, the children find it pitch black outside. They have no torch or lantern to find their way home. They hear a voice and see a dazzling light. Then, a man in shining armour appears. 
One day, while Jimmy, Peter, and Mary are playing near the riverbank, they are mesmerised and gobsmacked. The children see the sea's reflection in the river and people standing on the sea. Three small trees are planted near the riverside. One of the trees grows gigantic overnight.
Jimmy, Peter, and Mary decide to be gluttonous, during which time a bad angel sends his children to pay them a visit. Jimmy, Peter, and Mary cannot discern the cunningness of Joan, Charles, Membo, and Dian. The cunning children seize the opportunity, inviting Peter, Mary, and Jimmy to their house party so that the bad angel can claim their souls.
Jesus comes from heaven and takes the good children and adults away from the bad angel. On His return to heaven, the heavenly gates are asked to be lifted up so that the King of glory can come in. In reply, the gates ask, "Who is the King of glory?" In turn, Jesus replies, "I am the King of glory!" Then, the gates swing back on their hinges to let Jesus, the good angels, the children, and the adults enter.
Later, Jesus gives the children and adults the fruits and leaves from the Tree of Immortality, and they become immortal. After a thousand years in heaven, the enemies of Jesus raise from the dead. God's wrath is kindled and his enemies destroyed.

Tree of Immortality

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