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Words of Life and Health was founder in 2005. The Company generates its own specialised Character-building and Health Products. In 2007 a new department was launched, the department of Film Making. The first Film was released in 2009, which was nominated in 2009 and 2010.

The company exists to help adults and young people reach their goals in life, despite the odds. By definition we provide ranges of Products that will help mind, soul and body, even to choose your own destiny for Lasting Joy and Happiness.


Veronique Belmar is an Academic and Author. Her Academic Career began at Middlesex University, where she studied her First and Second Degrees. Her First Degree was in Psychology, and the Second, in Health Sciences. Later, she went to Oxford University to study Science and Medicine of Athletic Performance. She completed all her Studies in the United Kingdom, during which time she was a Lecturer in Psychology and in Health Studies. In 2006, she decided to become a Full-time Writer and Part-time Lecturer. However, Veronique found that there was more to learn and understand in order to meet the needs of her Readers and Students. Many of her Students were pursuing Degrees in Medicine. At the age of fourteen, she started reading the Holy Scriptures and Health Literature. As a result, she gained an understanding of the relationship between the Scientific Study of the Human Body and the Spiritual Aspect of God as the Creator of Heaven and Earth. From this experience, Veronique developed the unique perspective of a Writer with multiple ideas.

To date, she has written several books, including Understanding World Events in the Light of Biblical Prophecy, Gone the Days of Obesity, and Tree of Immortality. While actively engaged as an Author, Veronique also serves as Director for Words of Life and Health Limited, Training and Educating those who wish to engage in Character-building and Health Literature. She also writes Articles for Magazines and Journals. In 2006, she was recognised as one of the top Article Writers. She was given the status of Expert Author and a Platinum Membership Level.

Veronique is also Filmmaker. In 2009, she Wrote, Produced, and Directed a Short Film, Titled Missionaryís Soul. Veronique will be releasing her Feature Film "Rebellion and War in Heaven" shortly.

Veronique Belmar   Expert Ezine Articles Author

Veronique Belmar BSc (Hons)
Health Sciences;
BSc (Hons) Psychology;
Film Director; Writer;
and Lecturer.