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  • Wow!

    This film (Missionary's Soul) was fabulous, it was so captivating. I watched this film with friends and family, children and adults, and we were all captivated by this film the story line was great, this film was very relevant to society today.

    The film encourages you to question your life in a practical and spiritual way. It was really entrancing. My Only criticism would be that I wish this film could have been a feature film I didn't want it to end!!

    I eagerly look forward with anticipation to many more films from the Director and producer of this film Veronique Belmar

    Thank You Veronique!

    Rosie Smith
  • If you are looking for an inspirational, character-building book for your children, Tree of Immortality is a must read! In an interactive and easy to read format, Tree of Immortality teaches readers valuable life lessons and the importance of having faith. I recommend this unique book to any parent who wants their children to grow up to be the very best they can be.

    Sarah A.
  • Wow what a read, Understanding World Events In The Light Of Biblical Prophecy was a fabulous read. I was so enlightened, as to world events. It was so clear and intriguing.

    I will be recommending this book to all my friends. I would recommend it to people of all ages. A real eye opener thank you Veronique!!!!

    Rosie Smith
  • This book will make you see things in such a different wonderful light, and enlighten you as to world events A Must to read. When I read the book understanding world events, I couldn't believe it, it was enthralling and capturing. How amazing is this book!! Thank you!

    Crystal Stewart
  • This email was received a week before the book went on Line:

    Good Evening Veronique,

    I have been a student of the scriptures for 30 years and no one has addressed the subject of "The Beasts" as Veronique Belmar has in her new book. This is a must read for anyone that believes the Word of God and His prophecies.
    Jim Tino - Editor

  • Whilst writing "Understanding World Event In The Light Of Biblical Prophecy......"

    I was amazed with the response of all those who had heard about the book and the orders placed six months before the book was published On-line. The urgency of the book got me thinking that there are indeed people on our own doorstep who are looking for answers to their questions and who also are looking for a better life. As a result of the book being so much on demand I felt it my duty to put it Online sooner than I expected, which meant working night and day.

    However, I will keep you updated with Testimonials as they arrive. Please remember that all Testimonials are well appreciated no matter how simple you may think they might be, Keep sending them in and thank you for doing so.

    Best wishes to all
    Author: Veronique Belmar