Words of life and Health

Words of Life and Health

Provides Thought Provoking Books, Videos, and Other Products, Ever Published on the Internet.

Understanding World Events in the Light of Biblical Prophecy, reveals the truth about Biblical Prophecy, informing what will happen in the last days. It is the first book of its kind to be published on the internet. The book will draw your attention to World Events and informing that these events were predicted thousands of years ago and that they are signals of what is to come.

The latest book by Words of Life and Health will explore hows cities of the past and present compare. The Evils Of City Life: Preparing for God’s End Times alerts you to the biblical fact that great cities puts lives at risk.

The second book published by Words of Life and Health will help you realise that eating natural foods will help prevent obesity. Gone The Days Of Obesity alerts you to some of the critical problems that obesity can cause in individuals and couples; such as unhappiness, low-self-esteem, a broken heart, pain, sorrow, disease, and much more.

Further, the young people's book, Tree of Immortality reveals the warfare that goes on between good and evil. It also reveals how the enemy targets young people. So much so that the enemy is prepared to kill in order to get their souls.

The DVD Missionary's Soul, reveals that people are not always who they profess to be, so the shock comes to all on judgement day.


Other electrifying titles and DVDs to be published on this website includes: "The Beast Makes its Mark", "Four Deadly Horse-men" (the first riding a white horse, the second a red horse, the third a black horse, and the fourth rides a pale horse), "Sky Rolls Like A Scroll", and much more. The next DVD to be produced shortly is Rebellion and War in Heaven.

Be sure to stay tuned with Words of Life and Health Publishers and read and watch the best books and DVDs ever written and produced for human beings.